Best Watch for Navy Bootcamp: Keep on Ticking

Going to bootcamp is always challenging, but Navy bootcamp is the hardest. You’ll need durable equipment if you want to make it through obstacle courses and other challenges. Not unlike other forms of survival, passing bootcamp is going to take all you have, both mentally and physically. The upside is that success will leave you stronger and more capable than most people are. As survival strategies go, making it through that much tough training is a superb idea.

Physical power will help you through tough situations, but the mental toughness that comes with military training is even more critical. Sadly, there’s nothing a cheap watch can do to get stronger. You need to choose the right high-quality timepiece if you want your watch to come with you.

Choosing a Durable Watch

Like people, some watches are more durable than others, so when you choose a watch to take to navy bootcamp, you need to assess it’s capabilities carefully. First and always, you need a timepiece that can handle the water. Since you’re in the Navy, you will be around the ocean regularly, if not permanently.

Additionally, you want to choose a wristwatch that can handle a rigorous lifestyle. Look for features like mud proofing, impact resistance, and a warranty in case of accidents. Plus, it would be best to read the reviews to make sure you are picking a watch others have field-tested.

Personal style aside, your watch needs to be able to literally go through a war and come out the other side still ticking. Look at survival and military watches first. For obvious reasons, these are created to take a beating. Skip right past the sleek and slim models that look better in a boardroom, and opt for something you could wear to play football in the pouring rain.

Can You Take a Watch to Navy Bootcamp

You are allowed to bring your watch to bootcamp with you. However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to wear it. Once you get an assignment out of boot, you may be allowed to put on your watch daily. Until then, you probably have to leave it at the barracks most of the time. You should still take a watch with you since it’s hard to know what might happen.

Make sure you pack extra batteries if your timepiece needs it. You don’t want to be out in the field with your watch, only to have it fail you at an inopportune moment. The only thing worse than needing a watch and not having it is having one that’s trash.

You will probably be allowed to wear your watch when you graduate. Still, you should always ask whether something you brought from home is permitted. Navy Bootcamp is the wrong place to test the idea that it’s better to apologize than ask. Just ask.

Soldiers who don’t follow orders can end up getting tossed out of bootcamp. Sadly, that’s not the worst that can happen. Unless you really love pushups until you puke or scrubbing out toilets used by hundreds of people, then you’d better listen to orders and ask the right questions.

Although you may not get as much field testing done at boot as you might like, having a good watch is still vital. Since you never know where, or what, your final assignment will be, bringing the things you need with you makes a huge difference. Most gear you need will be issued to you, but a couple of small things like your watch can be incredibly useful. If a war breaks out suddenly, you might not get the downtime you expect when you finish training.

Navy Bootcamp is Survival Training

Roughly fourteen percent of Navy recruits drop out annually, but you can bet far fewer watches survive the experience. Even if you are allowed to bring your favorite timepiece everywhere you go, which is unlikely, it probably won’t last unless you pick one made for extreme circumstances. Between swimming, fire suppression, and the other exercises at bootcamp, it’s a lot like running drills for a catastrophic event. Or rather, it is the same thing.

When you go to boot, they prepare you for war, which is about the most world ending thing you can survive. Active-duty soldiers experience more disasters than anyone else in the world. Moreover, sometimes it’s their job to stop or clean up those problems. In short, the experience is priceless.

There’s no better way to test your mettle and your gear than in Naval Bootcamp. If you were the kid who always loved running until your muscles burned, and swimming the furthest, camping outdoors, and other survival style ‘games’ then you’ll probably have a slightly easier time in boot than your peers. However, it’s not really ‘easy’ for anyone.

If you had to go through the same process at home, without a military unit, you might not learn half of what you will at bootcamp even if you spent five times longer on it. The atmosphere of expectation, constant drilling, and inability to get distracted with civilian concerns is a superb form of training to fight and win no matter what the odds.

The Worst Weeks

Unlike a disaster, at least boot camp has a finite finish. Typically you’ll be there for about seven weeks. It can take a little longer, depending on the circumstances. However long you’re there, you will develop essential skills you can use for survival all your life.

Although the poor sleep and hard physical work will break you down, the Navy will also build you back up stronger. You will learn to perform rescues and put out fires. Additionally, you’ll work on weapon skills, self-defense, and other vital issues that come up all the time when disaster strikes. Perhaps most important of all, you’ll gain the ability to keep a calm head on your shoulders when things go sideways.

From tourniquets to cleaning rifles, everything you do at boot will make you a soldier, but it is also a crash course in serious survival. Most people panic and have little to no equipment set aside for dangerous situations. Fortunately, once you pass through bootcamp, not only will you be equipped physically, but mentally as well.

One of the most important things you can do is focus on what you get out of it instead of what you have to endure to get through it. Maintaining a positive attitude and working toward a goal, like graduation, will put you in a position to push through those hard days. No one comes out of bootcamp the same as they went in, but that is a very good thing.

Top Five Best Watches for Navy Bootcamp

You might have to wait until graduation to wear them, but these five (plus a bonus) watches will see you through rain or shine, even in the most challenging times. I’ve narrowed it down to just a few high-quality options. No matter what navy boot camp throws at you, these watches keep ticking. With extra durable construction and rugged materials, any of these timepieces can last a tour of duty and beyond.

1. Timex Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Watch

The Timex Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Watch from Amazon is the ideal example of a watch made to last through rugged conditions. Doubtless, you already know that Timex is an extremely popular brand. This company has been around for a long time, and they’re known for producing quality timepieces.

With alarms, timer function, a stopwatch, and of course, a twenty-four-hour military time option, you’ll have al the essential bases covered. Better still, there’s an integrated mini compass. Plus, the Indiglo face offers you a small light and the ability to see the time even when it’s very early or late.

Luckily, the glow is blueish and not overly bright, so you won’t need to worry about showing off your position in the field. Like military flashlights, if you’re going to carry a watch that lights up, you don’t want a white light. Since that is the brightest color, it can pinpoint you to enemies in the field the most easily.

This model is water-resistant down to about three hundred and thirty feet deep so that you can take it swimming or on a very rainy trek with no trouble. Finally, the mineral glass face is scratch-resistant, and the battery will keep your watch ‘ticking’ for up to ten years, even in harsh climates. Have a classic shipped to your door when you order here

2. Casio Men’s Mud Resist Stainless Steel Watch

A Casio Men’s Mud Resistant Stainless Steel Watch is so well made I’d say it’s tied for first place rather than officially second. As another ubiquitous name in quality watches, you can count on a Casio to see you through. Every watch collector needs a Casio in their drawer.

Just like our other number one watch for Navy Bootcamp, this watch can get very wet. It will go down a hundred meters without an issue. When you’re planning to ship out literally, you need a wristwatch that can take the water.

With a full auto calendar and stopwatch as well as a countdown timer, you can be sure that you’ll be the most punctual person in your unit. The super illuminator also offers you the ability to see the time or countdown without another light source and turn off that light when you’re done.

Additionally, this watch is made for muddy conditions. Not only is it super durable, but the face is scratch resistant as well. However, my favorite feature is the alarm settings. You can choose from the usual noisy alarms, or opt for a silent buzzer alarm that won’t give away your position.

In the field, the ability to wake or time things silently is a potentially life-saving advantage. Plus, you’ll know it’s time to go even if it’s dark, or you end up covered from head to toe in mud, which can and does happen at bootcamp. Learn more on Amazon when you click here

3. Infantry Store Big Face Military Tactical Watch

When in doubt, a purpose-built Infantry Store Big Face Military Tactical Watch will get you through those tough weeks at boot and beyond. This watch is easy to see and has both digital and analog time right on the forty-six-millimeter big-face. The dual precision means you never have to worry about having the wrong time.

The anti-scratch window helps make sure you can always read your wristwatch accurately, and it has an illumination function. As you’d expect, there’s an integrated calendar, timer, and stopwatch. Moreover, you get an hourly chime so you can keep time without needing to stop and check.

A stainless steel case is rust-resistant and incredibly rugged. The Big Face is 3ATM water-resistant, so it can handle the rain and water well, though it’s not a diving watch. Tactical black coloring means you don’t need to wonder if your timepiece will shine in the light or show up at a distance. You can safely wear this watch with your camo.

Big Face’s rotating bezel and flexible, durable band make this watch easy to use and fitted to any situation or wrist. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to set, or re-set the time, so sailors on the move can adapt to any timezone. See the superb Amazon ratings by clicking here

4. Skmei Waterproof Outdoor Sport Watch 

Skmei Waterproof Outdoor Sports Watch is also a digital and analog timepiece. Available in dozens of colors and patterns, this watch is versatile enough to match any wardrobe, even if it’s just your camo gear. Choose a matching camo, olive drab, or even a shimmering blue, among other options.

You will love the plethora of features and easy setup. The directions are included (in English) and very simple to follow. Plus, delivery times are very fast considering Skmei ships from overseas where it’s manufactured.

As a waterproof sports watch, this comes with all the bells and whistles, including twelve or twenty-four hour time. When you’re running on a military clock, that’s incredibly helpful. Moreover, you can set the alarm or stopwatch if you need them. Better still, this model is shockproof so it can handle a rough situation.

With a ninety-day money-back guarantee and a twenty-four-month limited warranty covering any manufacturing defects, you can rest easy knowing you have plenty of time to test drive your new timepiece. Plus, Skmei is committed to satisfaction, and they have superb customer service. Check out Skmei on Amazon by clicking right here. 

5. TekMagic Outdoor Waterproof Chronograph

Try a TekMagic Outdoor Waterproof Chronograph from Amazon for serious durability underwater. At ten ATM (atmospheres), this is one watch that can handle serious pressure. The dual digital analog display keeps you on time and up to date. Plus, you can see the day, date, hour, and minute in any light.

TekMagics’ stopwatch and timer can both handed twenty-four-hours. Furthermore, you can display two timezones at once. Even in pitch-black darkness, the electroluminescent backlight will show you everything you need to see.

With its high-transparency resin face, you can always see. Moreover, it also helps resist scratches, and the TekMagic is shockproof. Whether you’re surviving bootcamp or the apocalypse, this is one watch that lives up to its impressive name.

The comfort soft PU band sits firmly on any wrist and moves with you. An ABS plastic body holds up under the roughest treks. Take home a TekMagic when you click here

Bonus Watch: Blue Straw Digital Survival Sport Watch

For those seeking a slightly more survival-oriented watch, the Blue Straw Digital Survival Sport Watch from Amazon offers a couple of cool features. With a standard band and two paracord band options, you can carry more survival gear without looking like you’re going out of your way.

The narrower of the two paracord bands has a firestarter, scraper, whistle, compass, and a thermometer. Meanwhile, the wider paracord ‘grenade’ band has a lot more bonuses to hide. You’ll find an alcohol pad, aluminum foil, fishing line, weights, fish hook, and swivels plus a brooch, tinder, a scraper, and more.

The Blue Straw is also water-resistant. Whether you’re in the shower, the rain, or the pool, this watch can handle up to three atmospheres, and it’s shock resistant. Get a great Blue Straw survival watch here.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you take to Navy Bootcamp, it has to be tough enough to survive catastrophic conditions. Your watch needs to be rugged and durable enough to handle rain, mud, cold, or heat, and plenty of impacts as well. Anything less will just be a dented bracelet before the week is out. Soldiers, like survivalists, have no use for cheap knickknacks.

Make sure you read the reviews and learn about the brands you select from. A good watch is hard to find and even more challenging to produce. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that put in the effort. All of the exceptionally durable options on this list will make it through rough times.

Make sure you choose a watch that can handle the pressure. It’s worth the effort to find a genuinely rugged timepiece that can get you through bootcamp and beyond.

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