Best Moccasins for Hunting: Tread Softly

The sound of wind in the trees, and stalking your favorite prey animal can be invigorating. However, a big, clunky pair of shoes are only good for giving away your position, so everything for miles around knows where you are. Moccasins are a better answer. When you need to hunt for your next meal, the last thing you need is noisy twig stompers telegraphing a warning to every animal in the area. With their thinner soles and flexible ankles, you can move freely.  Fortunately, a slight change in footwear is easy to accomplish.

Once you’ve hunted in moccasins a few times, you’ll never look back. Feeling the shift of the soil beneath your feet changes everything about the way you walk. Not only will you be more stealthy, but as a result, you’ll hear more. Thus, moccasins provide you with better chances of hunting success. I’ll explain other reasons why you need these shoes, and how to select the perfect pair.

Moccasins are Traditional Hunting Gear

Although they’re most associated with Native Americans, a moccasin-like shoe made from leather was once the standard for hunters everywhere. Technology is great. Advances in how we dress are a considerable part of modern hunting and camping, but it’s not always best. In fact, sometimes, you need the old ways.

This is never more apparent than when you’re doing survival training. If you lose your matches and jacket, you need to make fire with sticks or refraction using glass found in the area. Just like wearing moccasins for a hunt, these primitive skills and tools are vital.

You will often see modern archery hunters remove their shoes while stalking. It serves the same purpose, but you expose your toes and feet to potential damage. Skip the splinters and grab the right shoes for the job instead.

You Can Repair Mocassins

One of the most significant flaws with modern shoes is that they’re too well-engineered. You need a professional cobbler to replace most parts of your hiking boots or sneakers. So people throw them away if anything goes wrong. Buying a brand new pair is fine until you have an emergency.

When SHTF and you don’t know what’s safe, you’re not going to be sending out for shoe repairs. In addition to hunting your own meat, you’d better be able to tan hides and repair your shoes. Luckily, adding some stitches to a moccasin is a whole lot easier than trying to make a new plate for a busted steel-toe boot.

How to Choose Your Moccasins

There are different lengths, sole thicknesses, and styles of moccasins, and choosing the right pair for your hunt is essential. For example, those seeking the flexibility of leather mocs can still get a more robust rubber sole. If you’re not ready to walk on such a thin layer of material, step your way down, starting with a more tennis shoe-like base.

Look at the liners for your moccasins. A thick fur or faux fur moc is a winter hunting shoe. Typically the taller boots are also meant for cooler weather while a short style lets the legs catch a cool summer breeze. Naturally, your style also plays a part in color selections and design.

When choosing your mocs, make sure you look at the thickness of the materials. Not only the sole but the liner and the outer suede as well matters. Too much lining, and you’ll be miserable in the summer months. Meanwhile, too little padding inside could leave you with cold feet, or even frostbite if you hunt in the snow.

Top Five Best Moccasins for Hunting

Every season has its hunters, and they all need different moccasins to hunt effectively. After careful consideration, I’ve collected this list of the top five best moccasin boots for hunting. You’ll find a variety of lengths and styles to suit varying weather and needs of the hunter. Whatever you’re stalking, it will have a harder time hiding if it can’t hear you coming. Skip the loud shoes. Next time you grab your bow, make sure one of these pairs of moccasins is on your pack for a quick and quiet hunt.

1. Minnetonka Front Lace Knee High Moccasin

Hunters seeking all-day comfort on long trips will love the Minnetonka Front Lace Knee High Moccasin. A thin rubber outsole is a perfect mix of extra padding and less-bulky soles. Additionally, the padding on the inside helps give you the support you need for sensitive feet. 

You’ll notice that Minnetonka took three of our top five spots, but that’s not the only place you’ll see these stunning mocs. From GQ magazine to hunters everywhere, this trusted brand is making big waves because they are comfortable, stylish, and practical.

At eighteen inches high, you can trek through dense underbrush without scratching your legs. Plus, the lightweight suede means you don’t need to trudge along with heavy shoes weighing you down. You’ll be able to travel further with less noise. That’s invaluable if your quarry tries to escape.

These calfskin boots have been around for more than a decade, and they’re still as beloved and fresh as the day the first pair went out. See the unbelievable Amazon reviews for yourself right here.

2. Laurentian Chief Fringe & Braid Apache Moccasin

A true classic, the Laurentian Chief Fringe & Braid Apache Moccasin Boots from Amazon are handmade. These Canadian boots are light, and the details are simple, yet elegant. A short double fringe won’t catch on brush or grass, and the stylish braid pattern is just enough to give a more traditional look. 

Made from moose hide, these crepe outsole boots have the suede bottom determinedly silent hunters need. You’ll feel everything while keeping your feet protected. Enabling comfort and a high degree of situational awareness for survival hunting isn’t easy, but Laurentian Chiefs manage it with aplomb.

You’ll be impressed with the butter-soft leather from the moment they touch your feet. Add a custom insole of your choosing for additional light padding, or leave them as-is for a near-nude feel on the feet. Learn more about Laurentian Chief summer mocassins by clicking here.

3. Minnetonka Men’s Two Button Hardsole Boot

If these Minnetonka Men’s Two Button Hardsole Boots look a little too familiar, it’s because you have seen them before. Famously worn by Brad Pitt, these shoes are star quality in more ways than one. You can wear them in Hollywood, but any woods will do. 

The classic style is one that’s been worn by everyone from hunters to models for almost fifty years. When something works, you don’t change the design much. That’s the sort of endurance you can expect from Minnetonka Moccasins, and you won’t be disappointed.

With a thin rubber outsole, you’ll have excellent textured traction. Yet you don’t have to give up the characteristic flexibility that makes moccasins such highly prized hunting boots. Moreover, the two simple silver buttons are all but iconic in the moccasin-world. Look like a star and hunt like a pro when you order Minnetonka Men’s Two Button Hardsole Boots from Amazon here.

4. Asfin Fur Lined Walking & Driving Moccasins

Asfin Fur Lined Walking & Driving Moccasins are a blend of modern thicker bottoms and neo-moccasin style. With memory foam and thick soles, these boots keep your toes toasty on long winter hunts. When you need something for icy weather, these treads are deep for a better grip as well.

Hunters who want the warmth of mocs with a sneaker sole will be impressed. The wear-resistant, nonslip design will help you balance and keep your shoes looking as good as they feel. Furthermore, they’re easy to slip on. Not having to stop and tie laces when you need to get out the door for a hunt is a real boon.

Use the measurement chart to find the exact right fit for your foot. Plus, you can contact the excellent customer service department with any questions. To get a pair of winter-warm Asfin Moccasins, click here.

5. Minnetonka Men’s Classic Fringe Moccasin

With a rawhide lace and medium fringe, these Minnetonka Men’s Classic Fringe Moccasins from Amazon have been all the rage since nineteen sixty-seven. That’s the sort of lasting impact you want from a shoe. The simple fringe isn’t excessive or showy. Yet it lends a genuinely unique timeless appeal to these suede soled moccasins. 

You’ll feel almost barefoot while still getting the benefit of a leather sole to protect your feet. Minnetonka has been around since nineteen forty-six making boots for hunters and everyone else. As a well-known brand, you have likely seen their styles on countless people from survivalists to socialites without ever knowing it.

The high-quality materials and craftsmanship that sets Minnetonka apart is why they landed on our list three times. You’ll love the snug fit as it becomes more comfortable with every hunt. Choose these traditional suede soft-soled Minnetonka Moccasins from Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like sliding stealthily through the trees to improve your hunting, and an excellent high-quality pair of moccasins will help. Hunters know the power of silence. Moreover, feeling the earth beneath your feet without the risk of sharp stones cutting you is a significant advantage.

Naturally, you’re going to step more carefully in a pair of moccasins because the soles are thinner. That forced awareness of your surroundings will help you survive. Sadly, a misstep that leads to loud noises can wreck an otherwise bountiful hunt.

Situational awareness is key to both survival and hunting. Hence, choosing moccasins to help you stay on your toes when you need to catch your next meal is a wise decision.

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