Best Discreet Tactical Pen: Low Key EDC

Some weapons are all show, while others are functional and attractive, but the best choice for low key safety is a discreet tactical pen. You can sign vital documents, break a window, and take down an attacker without ever having to switch tools. Self-protection is essential, but carrying a gun, or even a big stick makes you look like a target worth hitting, or at best a threat. In a survival situation, sometimes flying under the radar is a much smarter choice. Whether you’re blending in or merely looking for a good backup for your primary weapon, everyone should carry a tac pen in their pocket. I’ll show you the best there are so you can pick the pen that works for you with confidence.

What Makes the Best Tactical Pens

It may seem obvious, but the first thing you need a tactical pen to do is to write. A pen that can’t dispense ink is useless as a pen. You can get a kubotan for your keychain if you just want a small metal rod to carry with you. Tactical pens are supposed to be multitools.

Next, you need to know the weight, and what material your pen is made out of so you can choose the right option for your circumstances. Although steel, alloys, and even plastics make fine tac pens, typically, they’re made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Hence you get a light but also a powerful pen that can break glass, yet won’t tear your shirt pockets.

There are quite a few extremely eye-catching tactical pens on the market. Unfortunately, a fancy looking pen is the last thing you want. When discretion is what you want, a plain-looking pen is the best choice. Make sure your tac pen looks like something any guy might get as a gift for fathers day.

Finally, you should check the reviews and make sure you’re getting a high-quality product. A million features don’t help if you can’t use them. Also, consider whether you need to pass through any metal detectors. Hidden blades show up in scanners, so you may want to look for a mostly wooden or plastic variant if you plan to travel by plane.

Maintaining Discreet Tactical Pens

No one ever seems to mention it, but maintaining your discreet tactical pen is vital to it’s continued use. I’ve seen a million knife cleaning guides, but where these incredible, multiuse weapons are concerned, the subject never comes up, and it should. Like all your EDC and survival gear, a tac pen needs cleaning and occasional part replacement.

Most tactical pens come with ink cartridges for writing. In addition to keeping the tip of the pen clean, you probably need to check your ink to see if it needs a refill regularly. Moreover, storing tactical pens is just like a normal pen, keep it between fifty and eighty degrees to avoid having the cartridge leak or explode.

Finally, if your pen has lots of features, as many tac pens do, then you need to check over the extra parts. Anything that screws on or off has rivets that need to remain clear to move correctly. Any small screws can likely be loosened with a glasses screwdriver or other small tool to clean the inside compartments.

Top Five Best Discreet Tactical Pens

Picking the best discreet tactical pen can take a week of sorting through every option out there if you don’t have a list like this to help narrow it down. Fortunately, I’ve done all the footwork and reading to bring you five outstanding options. All of these tac pens will get you through tough times, and look classy when things are calmer.

1. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen: Low Profile

James Williams of Encinitas Calfornia designed the CRKT Williams Tactical Pen. If you’re not familiar with this incredible samurai sword master, you can learn more about him at here. James’ ability to apply the wisdom and techniques of our ancestors to a modern setting is unparalleled. 

The 6061, nonreflective black aluminum is sleek. However, it is not overwhelmingly noteworthy on the first inspection. Unlike obvious tactical pens with sharp edges that look like weapons, the Williams just looks like a comfortable, curved pen with a nicely ridged grip.

Additionally, CKRT has been around for the last quarter of a century creating high-quality survival products. Naturally, this superb pen is one of your best options for a tactical writing implement that looks like nothing to worry about. Plus, you won’t need to worry either since the CRKT Williams Tactical Pen comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers and materials or manufacturing defects. 

Check out CRKT Williams right here.

2. Schrade SCPEN9BK 

Finding a discreet tactical pen that blends into your everyday gear and doesn’t look like anything unusual can be difficult. However, the Schrade SCPEN9BK is about as low-key as you can get. A simple black ballpoint pen with replaceable cartridges you can write with will look just like every other pen. 

You can replace the ink quickly with Easyflow Schmidt P900M Parker ballpoint cartridges. Keeping ink in your pen is the best way to stay under the radar since a pen that doesn’t write is a dead giveaway. Never travel with empty tac pens.

At just five inches long, the Schrade SCPEN9BK from Amazon is the same size as any pen you find at the back to school sales, but it has a secret advantage. The CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum body is a whole lot stronger than your average Bic. A durable clip and push-click top round out this incredibly simple tactical pen.

Get your Schrade by clicking here.

3. Boker Plus Micarta Tactical Pen

The Boker Plus Micarta Tactical Pen is the most unique looking of all the choices on this list. The textured body looks like a nice, but not super-fancy black wood pen. The appearance of natural materials makes this look less like a tac pen and more like a birthday gift for a guy who works at an office.

The titanium-coated aluminum cap is incredibly sturdy, yet remains light weight. With all the advantages of titaniums’ near unbreakable toughness and the incredibly light aluminum underneath, you can use the cap as a weapon or tool without concern. Better still, the whole pen weighs one ounce.

You’ll appreciate the comfortable grip when you use your Boker Plus Micarta Tactical Pen for signing vital documents. Make sure you replace the ink with approved Fisher Space Pen #PR4 cartridges. Additionally, this excellent pen has a limited lifetime warranty. As long as you carry your Boker, you can rest easy knowing it will perform when you need it.

To read the fantastic Amazon reviews, click here.

4. Wuben Self Defense Pen

For those seeking a few more features in a tactical pen that stays discreet, the Wuben Self Defense Pen from Amazon will surprise you pleasantly. Basic black with ridges for a better grip, and a sturdy yet straightforward clip, it looks like any quality pen. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Hidden in the back end of this tac pen is a Cree XP-G2 LED flashlight. This rechargeable mini-light puts out a surprising hundred and thirty lumens. The hard anodizing aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body is IP68 waterproof. Additionally, the head of your pen is super hard tungsten steel for breaking windows or self-defense.

If that’s not enough, you also get twenty-four hour a day customer service for any questions you might have and a free refill cartridge. Furthermore, your Wuben Self Defense Pen from Amazon comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, free repairs within one year of purchase, and manufacturer repairs for five years. It’s hard to argue with that kind of service.

Have a Wuben delivered to your door when you order here.

5. Schrade SCPENG Aluminum Refillable Tac Pen

Hiding in plain sight is a tactic people, and even animals have used since the beginning of life on Earth. The Schrade SCPENG Aluminum Refillable Tac Pen might be a little more noticeable than the rest of the all-black pens on this list, but it’s with good reason. The slightly shiny grey aluminum looks more like a normal pen.

Most tactical pens are black. Hence, choosing one that is not the typical color makes it less noticeable as EDC gear, even though it’s a nicer and more noticeable pen. You might get a compliment on this Schrade, but no one will ask about its capabilities. 

Made from CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum, the Schrade SCPENG Aluminum Refillable Tac Pen only weighs one-point-four ounces. You can refill it easily with Schmidt P900 Parker black ballpoint cartridges so you’ll always have a good pen on hand. Lastly, the pocket clip and screw off top mak it easy to carry and refill.

Find Schrade’s most discreet tactical pen right here.

Final Thoughts

The best tactical pens can save our life, or simply get you in your car when the keys are inside. In a survival situation, your window isn’t worth half as much as getting out in time. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it if you have the right tool in hand.

Make sure you set aside time to practice self-defense with your tac pen. It might seem like something you can afford to skip, but having the muscle memory to strike when your life is on the line matters. Hopefully, you’ll never find out why, but if you do need it, that practice will pay off.

Choose a high-quality tactical pen that fits your style. Having a weapon that blends into your look and feels good in your hand will give you an edge, whether you’re looking to pass unnoticed or have an extra edge in combat.

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