Are Fossil Wallets Good?

Having a wallet that is easy to carry around and that will last is important for those of us on the go.  You need something durable.  For instance, a survivalist is constantly outside preparing to survive any hardship, and having a wallet that will last is important.  You need quick and reliable access to your id and to your cash so that you can avoid running out of important supplies.

One wallet that seems to pop up in many survival forums is the Fossil wallet.   Are fossil wallets really worth it? Fossil wallets are worth it because they’re highly durable and you can carry them in your front pocket which is a better safety feature for a wallet.  If you are the type of person that is always on the go, you’re going to need something that’s going to last and that deal with abuse and wear and tear.  If you’re looking for a wallet that’s going to allow you to carry cash and some ID cards, this is a perfect choice for you.

Do Fossil Wallets Have Real Leather?

Fossil wallets are made using cow leather which is the best type of leather for a wallet.  It makes them extremely durable and easy to carry around. I noticed that sometimes with some wallets, they use a thicker type of leather that weighs a lot, but this is not the case with just a simple leather wallet by Fossil.

Sometimes you have to watch when you’re buying brand name wallets because they could be made of a bonded leather which is really nothing more than strips glued together. If you have a fossil wallet that’s made of soft leather, it’s going to last a long time.  I’ve had my present leather wallet for over 25 years, which is not a fossil wallet but it proves to me that good leather will last.

Do Fossil Wallets Provide RFID protection?

Protecting your ID profile is extremely important in our day and age.  If someone steals your identity, it could affect your future. Applying for employment could be hindered because of bad credit caused by identity theft.  You have to find a way to protect your bank cards in a way that is going to ensure that your identity is protected.  Having a strong wallet that provides RFID protection is one way of doing so.

RFID Is radio frequency identification.   Unprotected frequencies from your bank cards will allow someone to access your account information stored on your cards wirelessly.   If someone is using a device that can read your radio frequency identification code, they could tap into your bank account without even touching your card, so you need to have some sort of protection and certain types of fossil wallets do so for you. Here is an example of one that you can purchase. 

The Fossil men’s Brian leather bi-fold flip id wallet has RFID protection built into it so you don’t have to worry about a thief stealing your identification number for your bank cards or your credit cards. Click here to view it on Amazon.

What is great about this wallet is that it has enough compartments that you can carry several credit cards or bank cards along with your cash. It’s not large which is going to force you to filter out items in your wallet that you don’t necessarily need to be carrying around with you. I don’t mind having a compact wallet because I’m somewhat of a  minimalist.

Are Fossil Wallets great for minimalists?

If you were the person that seems to have a lot of clutter in your wallet, you need to make a change especially if you want to consider yourself as being a survivalist. A survivalist needs to carry around just the essentials so that they will have easy access to items that are going to help them to survive.

Having a wallet that is small and durable is necessary and this will be provided through most of the Fossil wallet models.  None of us really need to have numerous credit cards with us, one or two maximum is probably all that you need. I would suggest that you only have one in case you’re not able to pay by cash at certain locations. 

Here is a wallet that is small and that will allow you to carry just the essentials: click here to view the pricing on Amazon.

It is small enough to be considered a back pocket wallet.  Personally I prefer to have my wallet in the front pocket so that there’s less chance of someone pulling the wallet out of my back pocket. 

Even though it’s a small wallet at 3.5 by 4.4  inches. It is made of genuine leather. It has numerous compartments for your personal cards and for your cash.  

It is small because it is not trifold that can take up too much space in your pocket. If you are just holding onto your older heavy wallet instead of purchasing one that would better suit you, you should think twice and save yourself the pain of carrying a huge wallet by buying this model of Fossil wallet.

Is Fossil a brand that you can trust?

Fossil is it is a brand that you can trust because it’s so widespread. They have a lot of different departments and they’re really tuned into a customer’s Needs & Wants.  Using Amazon as a selling platform is a trustworthy method for shipping their products and for protecting their customers’ data which is a big concern especially if you are survivalist. 

Is Fossil a Luxury Brand for Wallets?

I would not consider the Fossil brand to be a luxury brand. Nevertheless,  it is a top-notch brand if you are searching for a wallet that’s going to last for years. Of course,  it’s not going to be the lowest-priced item possible but if you consider that its longevity, it will end up being a good purchase decision for you. My non-fossil wallets sometimes lasted for only three years. 

Best Trifold Fossil Men’s Wallet

The top trifold wallet by Fossil I feel is the Ingram.   It’s the best because it’s made of cow leather.  The lining is man-made which means it’s going to hold up longer than the typical industrial lining.  This model is great for people that have to travel a lot because it has multiple slots for cards and it’s very slim which makes it an ideal companion for your pocket.

It has eight different credit card slots and it has pockets that slide.  It also has a window for your most-used ID. 

Here’s what one of the reviewers stated about this particular wallet (click to see more reviews). They felt it was really good because as soon as it came out of the box it was very smooth and you can tell that it had a quality leather.  He stated that is was much better than his previous wallets.  He was also surprised that even though it’s trifold,  it can fold up to a small profile.  Due to its compact size, it’s not going to create a bulky lump in your pocket.

However, you do have to be careful interpreting its color just be viewing the different photos of this wallet online. The brown seems to be light in photos, but it actually has is a more of a chestnut color or I guess that you could conclude that it is a dark coffee brown.

Best Pick of a Magnetic Fossil Card Case Wallet

Click here to see the magnetic card case wallet by Fossil.  It’s small which makes it easy to tote around.   It has an external money clip that is magnetic that will hold your money tightly. It’s great for people that have to use cash quickly while in an area where credit cards are not used as readily.  Nevertheless, if you want to carry around credit cards, there are slots for up to three cards.  

Of course, you are not going to be able to carry a wad of bills. It holds up to 10 bills. 

What is surprising about this trifold wallet is its tiny size.  Most people believe that a bifold is the way to go if you are a minimalist.  

It is small enough to fit in your front pocket which means that it will not bother you while driving a long distance in a car or if you’re sitting for long periods of time at your office desk.  Also, carrying it in a front pocket while commuting in a city is going to protect you against pickpockets.

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